The La Porte County Historical Society Museum hosts many events and exhibits each year; from re-enacting the Civil War to . The associated text may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Steven R. Shook. After shaking hands and thanking the friendly man for his : The youngest died within a week after his marriage to Belle, and Peter died under suspicious circumstances 8 months later. "[12], Ray Lamphere was Gunness' hired hand and on-and-off lover. Historic Mysteries provides captivating articles on archaeology, history, and unexplained mysteries. It killed at least 14 people, but some estimate it killed as many as 40 victims. She advised these willing men to sell off their personal belongings and to bring the cash along with them. 2012. The following week, while Peter was out of the house, his infant daughter died of unknown causes in Belle's care., Belle Gunness Murder Farm: Topics in Chronicling America, Directory of U.S. Newspapers in American Libraries, "Mrs. Belle Gunness of LaPorte's Murder Farm.". (No hints available. After 100 years, there are still many unanswered questions to the mystery of Belle Gunness! These men all did similar things before visiting Belle Gunness. If you'd like to learn more, the La Porte County Historical Society south of town on Indiana Avenue has a magnificent exhibit. The infants were insured, and the money paid out. With the large sum of money from her husbands unfortunate death, Belle was financially stable and bought a farm in La Porte, Indiana, and three foster children moved with her to the new farm in 1901. While many might feel that this would be the end to a horrible story, it was actually just the beginning. Neighbors called police fearing that there were looters or trespassers on the empty homes property. We cant say their name. Though not convicted of murder, Lamphere was found guilty of arson and incarcerated in the nearby Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, where he died a few years later. very good mood. Jamie founded Listverse due to an insatiable desire to share fascinating, obscure, and bizarre facts. One more piece of the response was that Gunness was quick to target frail men who were probably not going to miss their family or companions. The farm was a six bedroom building and was also a former brothel. Born in 1858 in Selbu, Norway, Belle Gunness emigrated to America in the mid 1880s. She closed her ad with: No replies by letter considered unless sender is willing to follow answer with personal visit.. Asa Helgelein arrived several days after the fire, and at his urging, the LaPorte County Sheriff began to further investigate the fire and Belle's relations with out-of-town men. If you live in the Midwest, then you have heard of the famous serial killer Bella Gunness. She also killed suitors and boyfriends and dissected their bodies like a butcher, feeding the remains to her pigs. (Serial Killer) Belle Sorenson Gunness, birth name Brynhild Paulsdatter Strseth, was a Norwegian-American serial killer. In order to escape that life, one of her older sisters eventually moved to America and when Belle was old enough, she followed. Obviously, something was not right at the Gunness farm, yet nobody in La Porte seemed to notice. Use our online form to ask a librarian for help. With the insurance money she got from the death of her first husband, Gunness bought a run-down farm in Indiana. In 2018, the film "Belle" starring Ann Hagemann in the title role and directed by Stephen Ruminski produced by Electro Productions, did considerable on-location filming in LaPorte, and even. Belle Guinness would admit she knew the men; and that they stayed with her, and she even had some of their belongings. Then, right before shutting the door on my face, she By the time her crimes were discovered at her burnt-out pig farm in 1908, her tally of victims had risen to at least 12, and possibly as high as 40. The Gunness children were found in the ashes of the home, as well as the body of a headless woman. We hope you enjoy your tour and will consider attending in person when you can! Yes, it is possible. Owning a farm and being a mother was not enough for dear Gunness. In 1881, when she was 21 years old, Belle Gunness moved to Chicago. During the excavation of the debris, the story flipped on its head as far more than the 4 bodies . Brynhild Paulsdatter Strset ( Belle Gunness) was born on November 11, 1859, in Selbu municipality, Norway, to Paul and Berit Strset; she was the youngest of eight children. Using her husband's life insurance payout, Belle bought a farm with more than 40 acres near La Porte, Indiana, and married a fellow widower named Peter Gunness. Read more chilling stories about female serial killers on Top 10 Notorious Women Serial Killers and 10 American Female Serial Killers. In addition to running the farm, it was believed that her family were also circus performers and that sometimes Belle would appear with them as a tightrope walker. Available at:,flexion%20deformation%20of%20the%20limbs. [23], Gunness has also been the subject of at least two American musical ballads. After that, she was seen purchasing kerosene. Belle Gunness was born Brynhild Paulsdatter Storseth in Selbu, Norway in 1859. Sorenson died of cerebral hemorrhage that day. brief time. Gunness emigrated to the United States in February 1901 together with her two children, Myrtle and Lucy. In 1908, Gunness ranch house burst into flames and caught fire. The exhibit's small, only occupying a corner of the museum, but it's not something you see every day. One of the visitors was Andrew Helgelien, a Norwegian farmer from Aberdeen, South Dakota. When they failed to hear from him after that, the family contacted Gunness. Today, we call it Sociopath. A series of deaths and disappearances of people associated with her followed, many of which fetched her insurance . The daughter of a stonemason, Gunness immigrated to the United States in 1881 in search of wealth. A team of forensic anthropologists wanted to discover the answer once and for all. I was disappointed to learn that there was not a cache near the location of the Gunness farm, so I decided to rectify that.,, It is hard to imagine that Belle Gunness had a mothering bone in her body since she had just offed two of her husbands, but it was true. The bank confirmed he had been there, and Belle said he had left. People in the area described Belle as rugged and strong. Horrible misfortune seemed to latch onto the family in the form of the deaths of two children. Johnson, B, 2022. It's been several years since I've visited the Gunness exhibit in the La Porte County Historical Museum, but it's peculiar enough to warrant a visit. Mads' family was suspicious of murder, but Belle fled. Belle Gunness, born Brynhild Paulsdatter Storseth, was not the typical Norwegian immigrant who came to the United States. But the marriage did not last very long because he died nine months later. On April 1, 1902, Belle married Peter Gunness in LaPorte, Indiana. Belle Gunness was a serial killer who lured men to her farm in La Porte, promising marriage before killing them. You will not be able to unarchive this listing. Her academic background has inspired her to share the parts of history not in most textbooks. She We have no more Information about his Father; we will try to collect information and update soon. conhecida por ter matado diversos namorados e duas de suas filhas, Myrtle e Lucy. She had a mannish appearance and was known for wearing mens rings on her fingers. In Part 1 of this 2 Part Episode on Belle Gunness we hear of her early days in the United States and the tragic & very suspicious deaths of her first two husbands. The family was extremely poor. The Gunness Mystery (8) . The business mysteriously caught on fire, and with the fire insurance they bought a new home in Austin, Illinois. [8], Belle Gunness married Mads Sorenson in 1884. He would have visited her, but did not because of the fire at her farm. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. When questioned by Helgelien, Belle Gunness told him that she didnt know his brother and that he was welcome to come to look around the farm to see that his brother wasnt there. Belle collected $3000 insurance money for Peter's death. La Porte County is rich in history and the wonderful museum reflects that. Lured by matrimonial ads from Chicago area newspapers to a farm house in rural LaPorte, Indiana, over 40 wealthy suitors meet their ends at the hands of Belle Gunness, one of the century's "most fiendish" murderesses. The lack of technology at that time would have made Belles escape much easier than if the same crime had been committed today. Her primary motive appears to be to collect insurance policies taken against these lives. In 1881, at the age of 21, Brynhild left Norway and settled in Chicago. It was also reported that she had put different body parts of different men together in one hole. Belle would entice suitors to the Gunness farm under the pretence of marriage, where here she would poison, then kill her incapacitated victims and bury their dismembered corpses in the pig . At the end of her killing spree, she mysteriously disappeared. Now, his relationship is perfect. She could have faked her death, or paid for her crimes with her own life. What about women? [10] But she continues to live on in folklore, fiction, songs, and even as the name of a beer, Belle Gunness Stout. [1] Suspeita-se que ela tenha matado os seus maridos e todos os seus filhos advindos desses casamentos. The couple had two kids together, however both died youthful. The authorities in La Porte knew nothing about Belle Gunness first husband and his mysterious death. Following Peter's death, Belle began advertising in Norwegian language newspapers in America for a husband. 9 reviews. Still, there was always something odd about her that made him At this point, Belle Gunness had completely disappeared.[7]. He was born after the death of his father, Peter Gunness. . She loves history, true crime, mythology, and anything strange and unusual. regarding Bella Gunness, she laughednot a friendly laugh but something more Trip Planning Caution: offers maps, directions and attraction details as a convenience, providing all information as is. michael diamond obituary 2022,